Facial Steamer

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About the product :
  • Quickest Start-to-Steam Time: Generates Full-Powered Steam in Under 30 Seconds Advanced Ultrasonic Atomizer Silently & Effectively Turns Clean Water into Micro-Fine Particles to Produce a Powerful, Consistent Mist
  • Opens & Unclogs Pores: Removes Dirt, Oil & Makeup; Melts Away Dead Skin Cells; Make toner, cream and other nutrients absorbable
  • Can Even Replace Chemical Exfoliating Scrubs & Peels



1. Plug the power cord into a household power outlet

2. Slide the power switch upwards, and you can see the blue light from the spray button, and release the steam after about 40 seconds. When the fuselage begins to release steam, it may spill some hot water droplets, which is also normal

3. steam care

Use steam to face the face at least 20CM from the edge of the nozzle. To ensure that the steam covers the entire face, let the steam be at the top of the chin

Boot about 40 seconds after the steam will be sprayed, the fog time and the amount of fog is the fastest of similar machines

When the amount of water is insufficient, the steam will change. This is normal. If the water in the tank is used up, the steam injection port will not eject the steam. Please turn off the power switch. Add water tank for 10 minutes or more.

Special attention: If the machine is in the water bottle after the water is automatically shut down, the thermostat has been disconnected at this time, then immediately add water machine can not work, wait about 2 minutes or so the thermostat in the ambient temperature reduction after the automatic reset Can work properly. At this time normal, does not mean that the machine has any fault.

4. shut down

Slide the power switch down and turn off the power. After the steam treatment, the need for maintenance work, if not timely care, the skin will dry.


Cleaning and maintenance:


1. clean once a month, the power plug, wipe off the dust with a dry cloth

2. If the sealing cover of the water cap is peeled off, push the center of the water cover with the index finger. With your fingers turn the seal cover at the same time, let the water cover to keep floating so that the water cover up and down anastomosis.

Type: Facial Steamer
Model Number: TH001
Power Source: Electric
Commodity Quality Certification: CE

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