Comedo Vacuum Facial Pore Cleaner

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  • Effective - This machine sucks all dirty sebum out of your pores
  • Fast - Your skin is clean and fresh after seconds
  • Rechargeable - You don't need to buy batteries. Just connect it with USB to charge it
  • 5 Level System - Everybody has different skin. You can choose the right suction power for you.
  • 4 Attachments - Peeling-, Facelifting-, Wrinkles- and Blackhead-Attachment

This portable microdermabrasion beauty machine comes with 4 interchangeable tips, with 4 different functions. It's the first beauty machine which integrates with skin peeling, face tightening, pore cleaning, blackhead and ance pulling up, wrinkle removal in the market.

  • Microcrystalline compact blackhead cleaner machine, compact blackhead suction. Using more than 100,000 micro-crystal drilling particles with vacuum suction to eliminate the outer layer of aging skin and pores of the dirt, so that the pores can be cleaner, and your skin will be smooth and delicate.
  • the device removes blackheads, acne, grease. It exfoliates, massages skin, lifts, promotes blood circulation, stimulates microcirculation and prevents wrinkles.
  • You can adjust different levels on the vacuum to deep cleans the targeted pore on nose and face, on different skin types.
  • Simple to operate, easy to clean, portable and lightweight.
  • USB rechargeable machine, this microdermabrasion blackhead removal tool is the perfect choice for home or travel using.

Function & Effects

  • Microcrystalline Nozzle--Exfoliate dead skin Exfoliate dead skin by dermabrasion and suction, remove the aging skin from the stratum, brighten your skin.
  • Please, do not apply to tender skin around your eyes or any other tender skin.
  • Nozzle with big round head---Clean Blackheads Strongest suction,  apply to remove blackheads in the tip of your nose or body. Avoid to leave it on your skin in one place for too long, or it may leave suction bruises on your skin. 
  • Nozzle with small round head--Clean Blackheads in corner Weak suction, apply to clean blackheads and pores in your nose area.
  • Nozzle with  elliptical head--Tighten your skin 

How to use: 

  • Clean your face with facial cleanser and steam/bath your face with a facial steamer or a hot towel.
  • Choose a suction nozzle and connect it to the device according to your needs.
  • Long press the power button for 3s and start with the lowest suction mode.
  • Hold and move it around your arms to feel the suction power and choose the proper speed.
  • Start use on your face. Please do not stay in one spot. Move the remover around in a direction along the way (do not move back and forth).

    Important Notes:

    • Before using the remover: You must use a facial steamer or hot towel for 10 minutes to warm your face and open up your facial pores.
    • While using the remover: Please do not stay in one spot. Move the remover around in a direction along the way (do not move back and forth).
    • After using the remover: Please use a cold towel or cold mask to close your facial pores and after that apply face moisturizers.


    • Suction power: 53KPa to 59KPa 
    • Build-in battery capacity: 500mAh 
    • Full charged time: 60 minutes 
    • Power input: 5V-1A 
    • Power: 5W 
    • Size: 198*42*58mm 

    Warm prompt: 

    • Before use, remember to make sure that your hands are dry, in order to avoid water and liquid flow inside the device. 
    • Make sure that the filter sponge is properly filled in the filter bowl. If the sponge is dirty it will cause blockage and make the device unable to work properly. 
    • Do not clean the machine with water. 
    • This product should not be used by children or must be supervised by an adult to show them how to use it according to the instructions.
    • Please do not always use many times in a week.