3 steps process to get rid of Acne

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3 steps process to get rid of Acne

It is commonly known that the major cause of acne is when pores get blocked, and oil builds up under the skin. You end up with white heads, blackheads, and cysts that stay on your skin for at least 5 days and might even leave a scar.

The first thing you think of is how to stop it and have a smooth flawless skin. You fall for every anti-acne product, you buy all their face creams and soaps. you hope it works but unfortunately, it doesn't.
It does not make sense to you that after all the money you wasted on treatments the acne never seems to go. You know what else does not make sense? It's to expect an oily face-cream or face-wash to unclog a blocked pore. I mean think of it... it will only make it worse.

The most recommended three step process to fight acne is, giving your face a deep wash, opening up the pores and finally sucking out all the dirt and oil that is clogging them up. You will see immediate results.

Now, of course, this three steps process seems impossible to be done at home. The good news is, it is at the reach of every person struggling with acne and with very affordable prices.
  • Step one: The face-brush
Since washing your face with our hands can't be as effective. Pick any soap of your choice to put on the face-brush and give your face a deep wash to start the process with a fresh and clean face.

  • Step two: The face-steamer
  • What it does is it steams your face in order to get those little stubborn pores on your skin to open up to prepare them for the next step.

  • Step three: The pore vacuum
  • Yup! It's a vacuum. It is going to suck all the dirt and oil out from the pores very easily.

    The professional results we are all looking for can now be in your bathroom vanity without you having to pay for a visit to the dermatologist or an expensive spa.